Our Vision

Our Vision

In this journal entry, we talk about the things that really get us fired up here at Orchard Moon


Sustainability Doesn't Have To Be Beige

Do you love colour and pattern, and want to dress more sustainably but wonder why so much of it is…BEIGE? Well we’re crushing on colour and passionate about print, so you’ll find them everywhere at Orchard Moon. We think the best thing about beige, white and black sustainable basics is that they can be paired with our gorgeous hand painted prints to make a whole new look! 

With our pyjama sets, you get several different looks in one. Our unique signature prints are exclusive to us and designed in London. Nature is abundant in its inspiration, and our hand-painted colourful designs celebrate the beauty of the natural world in all its forms.



We Are Not Here To Green Wash

Let’s get real here for a minute: It’s all too easy for products to be marketed as sustainable, but when you actually look into it and start asking questions you realise it’s just one more company jumping on the sustainable bandwagon to keep their shareholders happy.

We wanted to be a brand that was truly sustainable from the outset, a brand in which sustainability runs through its core like a backbone. Where we scrutinise every aspect of design, sourcing, manufacture and process to ensure our ethical ideals are met and that we always remain true to our vision. We are not here to green-wash.

We are focused on creating beautifully made, versatile, honest clothing that will really make you stand out from the crowd.



It's All In The Detail

Orchard Moon will always be committed to using the most sustainable materials; knowing exactly where every little detail comes from, ensuring that our supply chains are transparent and traceable, and our production partners treat their employees fairly.

We use the only the finest plant-based cruelty-free materials we can to create super soft, silky & luxurious garments that will make you look and feel amazing. 

We believe in treating people and the planet with kindness. Our pieces are 99% sustainable, and we’re working on the last 1%, because we know there is always room for improvement. 



The Tides Of Change

We are all learning about our impact on the planet and how fragile our ecosystems are. Re-useable, sustainable and recyclable have become everyday words in our vocabulary. 

Awareness is growing and many positive steps have been made so far. Individually there is so much we can do to support the world around us, including making smarter clothing purchases; pieces that are versatile and well made with high quality naturally derived materials. Pieces that will stand the test of time and can be enjoyed for several years. Every small change we make or item we purchase can make a positive difference.

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